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The previous time we looked at free courses for learning more about nature conservation. But this time we are talking about documentaries. Are you looking for something new to watch?! There’s nothing quite as thrilling as watching the best African wildlife documentaries. Especially given the fact that you can’t travel to Africa right now. Pop yourself a big bowl of popcorn and binge-watch all of them!

1. Virunga

The Virunga documentary is about the conservation work of park rangers within the Congo’s Virunga National Park in Africa. And is a Netflix original movie. They followed the ranges during the rise of a violent rebellion group as well as the activity of an oil company. It shows the risk and danger the rangers are facing daily to protect the last gorillas that are alive these days.

2. Eye of the leopard

Eye of the leopard is set in the Mombo region of the Okavango Delta, Botswana and explores the life of a female leopard, Legadema, as she matures from a cub to an adult. The documentary follows the leopard over the course of three years and pieces together a series of flashbacks. These flashbacks show major events from her childhood all the way to adulthood. Such as near-death escapes as well as observations of her mother’s hunting skills.

3. The last lion

The film documentary focuses on a lioness named Ma di Tau, which means mother of Lions. She battles to protect her cubs against the daunting onslaught of enemies to ensure their survival. The underlying message of the film is on the low population of large cats in the world and whether or not Ma di Tau and her cubs are among the last lions.

4. Reflections on Elephants

The reflections on elephants is filmed in northern Botswana and reveal extraordinary elephant behaviour. Such as the adaptation of an abandoned infant, the organized rescue of a calf in danger or drowning and the haunting way of elephants mourning the death of a companion.

5. Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib

An old lioness and her two daughters are holding the key to the future of all desert lions. Two years ago, they gave birth to a total of five male cubs and now the time has come for the ‘Five Musketeers’ to continue life on their own. If they can make it to adulthood, there will be hope for the dwindling desert lion population of Namibia

6. Relentless Enemies

Relentless enemies shows the bloody battle for survival between Botswana’s lions and buffalos.  With nowhere else to go, the lions and buffalo have responded to each other with new attack strategies, defence tactics and even physical attributes. The lions don’t rely solely on traditional hunting tactics. They forge through deep water, hunt in the daylight and have developed specialised strategies. Their constant struggle with the powerful buffalo has resulted in a community of enormous cats – bigger and stronger than other lions – with extraordinary team-hunting skills.

7. Solo – A Wild Dog’s Tale

In the heart of Botswana’s Okavango Delta an extraordinary lone African wild dog named Solo is creating a new pack for herself out of an unlikely alliance of hyenas and jackals. She sees this incredible team of predators as not just her hunting partners, but also her family.

8. The ivory game

The documentary is about the poaching of elephants in Africa, related to the ivory trade in China and Hong Kong, and the repercussions of elephant poaching if it is allowed to continue. They spend 16 months undercover and several subjects investigating the killing of elephants for their tusks and the smuggling of ivory to China, where it is seen as a status symbol. While illegal, there is a rampant black market where corrupt business practices and dealings occur.

9. Eye of the pangolin

This powerful documentary is the story of two men on a mission to get all four species of African pangolin on camera for the very first time. As they travel the continent to learn more about those caring for and studying pangolins they are captivated by these strange, secretive creatures and document the race to save them from being poached to extinction.

10. Africa

This is a journey through five regions all over the continent of Africa. Taking you seamlessly from its wild terrain and landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerising creatures. Virtually visiting the Kalahari, the savannah, Congo, the cape and the Sahara. With another episode decided on the future. You can watch this series on BBCearth.

11. Brothers in Blood: The Lions of the Sabi Sand 

The Lions of Sabi Sand: Brothers in Blood tells the incredible journey of Africa’s most notorious pride – a deadly group of six male lions. … Their story is one of shocking violence, deception, and thirst for power – and reveals a surprisingly sophisticated side to the politics of lion behaviour.

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